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The Project Makers

Touch is a firm operating in the wider area of Business Consulting. We provide a wide range of services to both Businesses, Organizations and Schools.

We bring out-of-the-box Solutions!


hr solutions

HR Solutions

In times of reduced importance of HR, “Touch” offers comprehensive HR services packages



With knowledge and experience, Touch takes on the role of Mentor in Start-ups as well as in existing businesses.

event planinng and management

Event Planinng and Management

Featuring passion, excitement and fresh ideas, utilizing new technologies and experience, our company operates in the field of organizing Conferences, Seminars and Events.

Composing Business Plans

Composing Business Plans for subsided programmes and Public Tenders

At “Touch” we can compose your Business Plan for subsided programmes and Public Tenders
Experiential School Programmes

Experiential School Programmes

Touch designs and implements Experiential School Programs on Team Building and Tackling School Violence and Bullying.

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<h3>Who are we</h3>

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Touch is a company operating in the broader area of ​​Counseling. We provide a wide range of services to both Businesses, Organizations and Schools.</p>

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Human Resources services, Mentoring, Event Planning and Educational Experience Programs for Schools are implemented by a team of persons with outstanding academic and practical background in business and human resources. Our experienced team has been designing, implementing and evaluating Experiential Education Programs both at home and abroad for several years. Our expertise in management issues and our strong motivation for business and co-operation, will certainly make you our next happy client.


Happy Clients



Various Programmes

Every project we take up, goes down the same successful road 



A team is much more than the sum of its members. It provides the extra energy and momentum, the motivation and the fuel to do the extra mile …

Learn by living

No matter how many lectures, seminars or courses a person attends, they will never fully own and capitalise on them unless they live the to its fullest.

Be open to change

We have a natural tendency towards structure. We don’t like changes because of the uncertainty the imply. We prefer consistency. But without change, we cannot adapt, we cannot move forward, we cannot overcome problems, hence…. we cannot improve. Change should be considered an opportunity, not a threat.

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